Attlestone is the latest Zynga produced a magnificent 3D action game. Network game operation.
战斗之石 Battlestone
Give birth to a multitude of heroes! To build a powerful team in this arcade action game. Collection of dozens of unique warrior to defeat the evil domination of void, powerful Corps trapped in the battle of stone. As long as the flick of a finger, can achieve unlimited combination of attacks, repel hordes of enemies. Discover and develop your hero, I replace the hero in the battle, in order to make full use of their special forces to defeat evil.

Start your task, you is it right? Have a look a powerful summoner, can save this beautiful world, let her from destruction!
战斗之石 Battlestone
Exploration missions to show in front of you amazing 3D world.

Touch control Combat: intuitive, easy-to-use touch and drag her attacks: create combination attacks has a special ability, trick shot multiple enemies.

Create dozens of Heroes: you win the battle of stone, summon a unique power of new heroes and rare hero.

Personalized you want to update the hero ability the way.

The rapid exchange of hero in the battle: can replace the hero in action, cope with the challenges ahead, in order to survive.

And other game player: combat against other game player friends and, to win a strong fighting stone.

Built-in guild and guild play every week.

World War Z

World War Z is a Phosphor produced by the development team the shooting game. The game is adapted from the film of the same name “World War”, World War Z the chaos of the world adventure!

Brand Pitt is the latest blockbuster “World War” game of the same name, through the United Nations, the investigators showed a fictional world war on a world destroyed the zombie war survivors survey. The story is set in the human to win the zombie war ten years later, when the battle against zombie war spread to the entire world, almost destroyed the human. Brand Pitt in the film as a United Nations staff, responsible for the investigation of the zombie war survivors.
僵尸世界大战  World War Z
Note: World War Z is a rich and equipped with advanced image game function. For the pursuit of the perfect game experience, before the game, please close other applications.

World War Z the chaos of the world adventure!
僵尸世界大战  World War Z
Have 28 kinds of rich rating system, stimulating the fighting plot, fascinating puzzle levels, upgradeable weapons and equipment, infinite challenge mode. The game challenges you: ability to survive.
僵尸世界大战  World War Z
In the limited time, in a zombie in the land, save your beloved person

Angry Bots 3D gorgeous 3D robot version of CS games

Angry Bots 3D gorgeous 3D robot version of CS games

Angry Bots 3D is a paragraph from Unity 3D works, the game screen is very delicate cool, game player needs to control a robot boy to destroy the machine army, the game control use virtual buttons, simple operation and smooth, with sweeping shooting sound, come and experience the super-cool shooting.

The game has an extraordinarily powerful 3D engine, light effect well, not only have the shadow of the reality, even the floor of the reflector are doing fine. The scene texture is very fine wire mesh, visible on the ground.

The game screen is really great, even open the door of the effect is very good, the various details, rotating machinery to open the door when, also have the sound ah! Yes or no!!


Can Knockdown 2 allows you to love the game entertainment

Can Knockdown 2 allows you to love the game entertainment

Improvement after unprecedented classic Can Knockdown will give you a new experience, when aiming to piles of canned throwing the ball, you also challenge your weaknesses! In the new game mode, a race against time, to prove that by moving target destroyed the sudden appearance of the accuracy in the collection of additional incentives and knocked down! The jar on the transmission belt moving, can show off to your friends your technology and give them a deep impression! Integration Can Knockdown 2 as the top three game, will let you and your family and friends in a few months time love don’t move! The game is an indispensable part of your game. The!

The integration of Can Knockdown 2 as the top three game, will let you and your family and friends will in a few months time! Download the new iDream game right now, in this there is a fascinating game set, amazing pictures and global competition in game world enjoy absolute! Is an indispensable part of your game!”

Target level:

This is a time limit level, a lot of fast split screen target, game player control the ball, throw the ball to the board can, of course if hit the center of the board, will have a score bonus oh.

This is a time limit, if the play is good, there will be increasing time jar, hit will increase the time, in order to help game player challenge score.

It can model:

It can well, gotta hit the jar, this pattern is hit pot, a variety of the jar on the table, game player with five ball, destroying all will pass to the next level, run out until all the ball, of course, every one will restore a ball, that is to say, every close the game player can be a ball hit off a jar full of words, can be an unlimited playing well, and is a spherical clearance, score board right (so feel) will be combo, and the fraction multiplied.


Cast pot model:

This is the small make up the crazy mode, also the most rare, a jar will jump out from the three area of the screen, game player need to predict, then threw the ball, this is very difficult to predict the ah, ah, but also the distance respectively, then, really very big difficulty ah.

In general, in physics class, the game is a classic.

A high level of war as “Frontline Commando: D-DAY “

A high level of war as “Frontline Commando: D-DAY

Frontline Commando: D-DAY is definitely a as the acme of perfection. No doubt, the role of the game screen for a good shooting game is crucial.
Frontline Commando: D-DAY
Frontline Commando: D-DAY is a third person perspective shooting games, game player to lead back in June 6, 1944, to participate in one of the most classic battle — the Normandy landings in the second world war! Since it is the theme of war games, no less tragic story. Game player play is the only surviving frontline commando, no choice, only to take up arms against the brutal dictator killing, vengeance for the dead brothers.
Frontline Commando: D-DAY
An open game, small series have been attracted by the realistic battlefield environment, real guns, smoke and debris, these elements together to create a true sense of the crossing, leading the game player on a field trip to the bloody killing. In addition to the game screen to be personally on the scene feeling, game characters in action is very realistic. Game player to carry war gun, in the trenches, Dodge, captured the beach liberation Town, not big production have a sense of shock.

The start of the game the tutorial level, purpose is to let the game player to get started quickly. The operation of the game interface stick out a mile. The bottom left of the screen with the distribution of firing bullets, reload and for weapons key. Virtual joystick on the side is used to convert the perspective. A sight switch button and the lower left hand grenade. The protagonist of the life value is displayed in the upper left, upper part of the medicine box, is called bomber keys, the upper right side shows the number of bullets when the enemy weapons, grenades or missile, game player can press left key. The operation of the game is very easy to use, but the game player cannot be freely manipulated role, a place, the system will automatically switch to the next scene, characters in the degrees of freedom at. In addition, touch operation sight experience does have a certain gap and mouse and keyboard operation. I think, the only time to overcome the gap.

The game consists of Juno, sword, Utah, gold and Omaha 5 landing campaign, with a total of 145 independent tasks. Therefore, game player can be fully immersed in the game’s campaign. Destroy enemy tanks and artillery; frame machine gun, shooting the enemy; manipulation of antiaircraft gun, intercepting bombers; down escort, through the smoke of battle against enemy fire, into the hinterland. Small make up will not waste too much slobber to describe the game screen and sound how awesome, only when you experience, you can feel the excite people’s mind.

To summarize moment, “the command: Frontline Commando: D-DAY” in the story of Normandy, picture and sound effect, each can Dudangyimian, combination is combination. In the face of such a high level of big range, you are still hesitant what? To begin with. At the moment, the Diaoyu Islands, although far away, but the war is not far away from us.

The classic game Jetpack Joyride 35 achievements to complete.

The classic game Jetpack Joyride 35 achievements to complete.

When 1.Gold Digger died collect 20 gold coins

2.Good Work, Muscat sliding menu 10 times (starting with the title screen on the upper right corner of the button, and according to the prompts)

3.For Science took 1000 scientists

4.Marathon flying a total of 50 kilometers

5.Fuzzy Lock a total of 99 times by electric shock

6.Pretty Woman to purchase an item inside clothing (money can accomplish, recommended to buy the top Hat or calssy Suit, the two other achievements)

7.Tee Hee Two accurately collect 69 coins (it is difficult if you can collect 19, then collect one token, after the end of the game cash In.)

8.Blinged Out to buy a vehicle gold upgrade version

9.Good Work, Woody three games in a row to pedestrian hit bottom obstacle way to end the game

10.Good Work, Sierra stared at the store the main screen for two minutes (store main screen is clothing, jetpacks, vehicleupgrades, utilities and the screen, hang up to suggest it can be)

11.Spice Of Life all vehicles can take over

12.Not So Green complete ten missions

13.Toastie three games in a row to be missile bombing way to end the game

14.Alpha Charlie Echo flight 2 kilometers

15.Road Trip with a total of 10 kilometers motorcycle exercise

16.High Roller in the lottery accumulated 100 times have not drawn.

17.Fallout cumulative raffled off three times.

18.Big Spender spent a total of more than 50000.

19.Veteran completed a total of 40 tasks

20.Romeo Alpha Delta disposable flight 5 kilometers (this at least in general game can play free to try 2~3 kilometers, can buy again. To assist, props, transportation to get)

21.Hippy rainbow injector is a game, but can not collect any coins (tokens can)

The accurate 22.Bullseye died in 200 meters position (the trick is to figure at the bottom when walking dead, not how to slide, especially at the beginning of the game, the slower suggest that you finish low)

23.James Who? Buy two injectors (recommended to buy bubble, traditional, rainbow three, a task)

Use the bubble jet flying a total of 10 km of 24.Foam Party

25.Crazy Freaking Skills conveyor running 800 meters (when the transmitter skills, as far as possible in the pointer to the top or bottom transfer, there are obstacles in front can be transmitted through the past) 26.Angry Wings a game to get inside the vehicle two birds

27.A Man, My Son completed all the tasks, and exchange of, new task

28.Class Act in top Hat, classy Suit and the flight of traditional injection 1 km (top Hat, classy Suit is like a magician that set of, you contrast the English should be able to find)

29.Germaphobe does not collect any coins, tokens and did not encounter any scientist case flight 2 kilometers (this task can not use the spray 750 props, such as no need to try not to walk on the ground, it is difficult words, can put off, traffic tools magnet and transportation to get distance)

Fruit using jet pack in the use of “FRUIT JETPACK” backpack game when 30.Dragon Fruit driving the dragon, use “MR CUDDLES” as a means of transport.

31 Crackling missile break a fly gold pig (this need some luck, try several times, each time as far as possible and at the FLYING PIG back to fly, if happens to appear the missile will and FLYING PIG at the same height. )

Over the special awards next to 32.Rejected bought from the shop, but don’t pick it using the “TOKEN GIFT” props, but do not eat to start sending TOKEN

33.Another Way In is another way to enter the game, without damaging the walls to buy free ride, the beginning of each will give you a vehicle, give you a teleporter, without damaging the wall, an achievement.

34.Mix N Match with 50 different Gadget (by permutation and combination again good, but also the way to achieve “MY PROFILE” in the “SPECIAL GADGET COMBOS FOUND” special combination found 25 items)

35.Walkies uses the GADGETS FLASH running 10KM.

Mobile phone popular games-Dungeon Hunter4

Mobile phone popular games released this week most of which are transplanted from the iOS platform, such as “(Dungeon Hunter4″ and “CSR racing”, etc. The same game in Android platform released later than iOS, is to make a lot of players are angry, saying Better newest than never, let’s take a look at Android high-quality goods game recommendations this week, don’t know whether there is a you like.

“(Dungeon Hunter is Gameloft exit, a series of ARPG game, which start from Dungeon Hunter 2 on the Android platform.” (Dungeon Hunter 3 “in the Play store has as much as 4.5 star of evaluation, comments on more than 100000 copies. Now a much-anticipated” Dungeon Hunter 4 (Dungeon Hunter, 4), finally also landed on the Android platform.

Look from the picture, dungeon hunter 4 compared with its progress is not obvious, but for mobile devices still has a good 3 d pictures, there are few competitors in same type game. Games a total of four optional class, support for online multiplayer game of cooperation and PVP multiplayer games, colleagues also support team deathmatch mode.

Except multiplayer dungeon hunter 4 also have large single player campaign mode. But many complain about game in the Play store IAP setting is too heavy. Game installation requires about 1 gb of storage space

Android game review-Clear Vision 2

Android game review-Clear Vision 2

Recent action platform for rapid development, mobile phone games have caused XiangGuJi game path – towards a more refined picture, more brilliant light effect is the tendency of development. These effects, however, really is to decide a game works necessary for fun?

Works by DPFLASHES STUDIOS studio shooting game launched by “the Clear Vision”, is a special “minimalist” style of shooting game, it’s not what dazzle to the 3 d scene of the explosion even hero is drawn by a few pen can “matchstick men” starring as, had wonderful stories and exquisite performing imagination inspire players, echo was good when it launched in 2011. And the game’s sequel, “the Clear Vision 2″ is launched, the player will play again to stick man killer for industry leading role “Taylor”, in order to save money to rescue a beloved, continue to let blood were blossoming flowers in full bloom in the sniper mirror.


synopsis”The Clear Vision 2″ lasted for a generation of plot, character by killing Taylor work to earn money, but it always run to also, after a black eat black, Taylor lost everything – including his blonde mammoplasty matches one girlfriend. In order to rescue his girlfriend, helpless under Taylor had to work and again took up the sniper rifle to face the biggest challenge of his career.

System introduction

The graphics is simple, but system don’t casually. Before starting work, the game players will be given to the simple target teaching. In “the Clear Vision 2″, the sniper rifle of the trajectory will be affected by the distance and monsoon, the player can use first centering on the goal, system will automatically for you, measure the distance the player look at the situation again. Sniper distance 1000 meters distant targets, for example, the player the crosshair to the service, needs to be used in the middle of the crosshair 1000 meters below the scribed line on the target, in windy conditions around same way.

Learn to snipe eyebrow Angle, and then of course we will begin to undertake tasks day it is. This room is actually the main picture of game, players to open the computer on the desk, you can see the letters from the consignor. Besides fee stated in these letters, will also detail the protagonist hope target details being killed. Here need players to pay attention to very much! Because once when the player to accept tasks into sniper mode, is not see any information on the screen, to avoid the tragedy of wrong target, the player must see letter before hand.

Game task mode is simple mirror by a sniper’s vision and a “fire” button, players have to do is very simple, is in accordance with the entrust letter content, find the target and press the “fire” target, please eat bullets. , of course, the goal here is not like a target will not move, so players except to aim for, but also take time to shoot.


Besides sniper single targets, sometimes players receive special tasks, like is on the basis of the description of the consignor, right out of a lot of people being killed, or are waiting for the signal to the client, an attack target.

When a commissioned successfully, in addition to counting money, players can look at the newspaper beside the computer, it will come in the form of social events published players performed tasks, narrative content is quite interesting. As long as untied more tasks, players moving area will be more widely, also can go to all kinds of guns, the black market to buy more powerful weapons. If players want to get rich quick, map and underground pipe technical field, such as stock market places to go, can over there to play home money, bet bet on his luck.


The Clear Vision 2 simple pictures and vivid and exquisite color animation performance is the biggest, detonation are matches the person’s head also won’t let players feel too bloody. The difficulty of the game is not high, do not need to type “pigeon” too high level of control technique, on the contrary, the games need players to read the entrust letter instead, only can by all kinds of conditions to find the target sniper, also make the game with some puzzles of fun, very recommend to want a taste when “elder brother, elder brother 13 (comic of Japan’s leading sniper)” in the east 鄕 Sir What is fu players.

s and vivid and exquisite color animation performance is the biggest, detonation are matches the person’s head also won’t let players feel too bloody. The difficulty of the game is not high, do not need to type “pigeon” too high level of control technique, on the contrary, the games need players to read the entrust letter instead, only can by all kinds of conditions to find the target sniper, also make the game with some puzzles of fun, very recommend to want a taste when “elder brother, elder brother 13 (comic of Japan’s leading sniper)” in the east 鄕 Sir What is fu players.